Live Recap: Fragrance, Fashion, & Philanthropy

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Hi Ladies,

I am so excited to announce our Fragrance, Fashion, & Philanthropy event! This event is a fun way to give back to a warrior who is currently battling Breast Cancer. We will have sweet treats, raffles, shopping, and more. Here are a few details about the event:

About the Event

This Pop-Up Shop will be all about Fragrance, Fashion. & Philanthropy. All donations (ticket sells) will go directly to Survivor, you will receive a Survivor Ring, and your name entered into a giveaway!!! On the day of the event come out and shop with Dean of Fashion, SNS Fragrance, and enjoy refreshments & sweet treats from Tameka Wordlow. We will have raffles throughout the day as well (all who purchase a ticket (donation) will be entered into the raffle drawing). 

This is a Pop-Up shop. You do not have to stay at the event for the 4 hour time frame; however, you are welcome to. 

We look forward to giving back to a Survivor and we thank you in advance for being a part of our efforts to support Breast Cancer Awareness. All proceeds will be donated the following day. 

Dean Of Fashion

If you haven't figured out yet, I am totally obsessed with Dean of Fashion! I have been a customer since day one...FUN FACT: I was her first customer. The moment I knew that Ashley Dean was launching a boutique that I couldn't wait to support her and been doing so ever since! She has always been smart, confident, and determined. Those are all qualities that I admire about her. She host great events each year including the one coming up in November. Click here to check it out here.

Here I am in a few outfits that I purchased from her:

*On the picture with the green duster I am in The Dean Of Fashion Glamtique.

*The picture with the 2 Piece Tulip Set, I am at the 2019 Weight Is Over Fashion Show.

For The Love Of Fashion

Fashion was a huge part of my healing process back in 2013. I was lost, afraid, vulnerable, and felt there was no hope for my life. Through thrifting I began to heal myself. I made shopping a habit. When I first experienced grief, I deleted all of my social media accounts. Eventually, I came back to Instagram @savvyspendingsister (now @savvytiffany) . I used this page to post some of my finds from my shopping hauls. I also sold clothes on Poshmark as a hobby! Check out my closet here!

Some times I just sit back and smile when I think of the many ways God can use things to mend our broken hearts. Fashion was one of those ways. Now, I am not saying I am a "Fashionista" or anything. I just love shopping and putting together looks that make me feel beautiful and confident...mostly on the weekend, lol!

Fragrance & Philanthropy

SNS Fragrances & More has provided an opportunity for us to give back. The month of October is special to me because it brings awareness to a disease that many women face each day. It is my goal through my love for Fragrance, Fashion, & Philanthropy to give directly back to a warrior.

Purchase an item from our Survivor Collection to show support or gift to a warrior.

You can also donate by clicking here. Your name will also be entered into our drawing.

Winner will be selected November 10th! See you soon!

Question: What are some things that helped heal you during a difficult time in your life:? Comment below:


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